Your Guide to Financial Success

Learn how to trade profitably from a former investment banker with over 25 years of experience.


Whether you’re a complete beginner in the stock market, or looking for advanced options training, there are many ways to learn.  Review the learning resources below and select the teaching style that works best for you!


Online Courses are a great way to learn at your own pace.  Classes range from beginner to advanced, and cover everything you need to know to become a successful trader, including stock trading, technical analysis, options trading, and highly profitable multi-leg options strategies.

Live Trading

Watching successful traders make trades real-time is the fastest way to learn how to trade.  As a member of the Stock Dads Discord, you get access to daily live trading with 5 full-time traders who will show you what they’re trading and why. Many of the traders are millionaires, so you really are learning from the best.


If you learn best by reading, then Stock Curry’s books are best for you. Filled with deep knowledge of the stock market and helpful trading tools, and written with engaging and heartwarming stories, these books are sure to help you learn in a fun and exciting way.


Stock Curry’s articles feature in-depth analysis of stocks and macro economics.  Actionable trade ideas are included in every article.


Stock Curry’s daily videos are filled with valuable knowledge. They explain the latest stock market news in a way that’s easy to understand.


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Free stocks and cash are waiting for you once you’re ready to start trading. Each trading platform has its own amazing signup offer.  And to help you find the best stocks to buy, be sure to browse the the free research tools.

When you’re ready to take your trading to the next level, sign up for the extremely profitable Discord trade alerts provided by Stock Dads.

And if you’re looking for a side hustle to earn more money, join the We Profit Day and Night Affiliate Program where you can earn over $100 for each successful referral!


Get free stocks and cash when you sign up for the broker that’s best for you. This resource allows you to compare brokers, features, and signup bonuses.

Trade Alerts

Get Discord trade alerts from from over 20 full-time traders.  Trade alerts include day trading, swing trading, and long term investing – all with win rates over 75%.


These are the same research tools Stock Curry uses to research stocks and crypto. Many of these tools are free to use, although some will require a monthly payment.

Personal Finance

Get free cash and up to 4.50% APY when you use these personal finance resources, including checking accounts, savings accounts, credit card offers, personal loan offers, money saving tools, and budgeting tools.


Need extra cash? Here are some of the best side hustles you can start for free. You can start making money right now using just your cell phone with these easy side hustles! With some side hustles, you can earn over $1,000 per week.

Affiliate Program

The easiest side hustle around!  Just post your affiliate link to your social media and start making money.  With a lucrative 30% referral payout, you can earn over $100 for every referral who enrolls in the Fast Track to Trading Success course.


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We Profit Day and Night

YouTube is a great way to learn how to trade for free!  Each trading day Stock Curry uploads a video with a market update and that day’s stock, option, and crypto picks.  Subscribe, click the bell icon, and click “All” to get notified when Stock Curry uploads a video.


We Profit Day and Night

If you prefer to watch videos on a platform that doesn’t censor content creators, then Rumble is the place for you.  All of the YouTube videos are cross-posted on Rumble.  If YouTube ever shuts down the We Profit Day and Night channel, Rumble will become the primary video site for all videos.


If you want to be informed of urgent market news right when it comes out, then make sure to follow Stock Curry on Twitter.  Stock Curry also posts his Millionaire Club Portfolio trades on Twitter within minutes of making the trade.


If you prefer Facebook over Twitter, then Stock Curry’s Facebook page is perfect for you.  Features many of the same posts that are included on Twitter, with the exception of breaking market news.


Stock Curry’s most loyal fans show off their success with the hottest merch around.  Check out the new and amazing We Profit Day and Night merchandise from Stock Curry.  With brilliant hoodies, t-shirts, hats, coffee mugs, and more, there’s sure to be something you love!


If you enjoy short videos, then you’ll love Stock Curry’s TikTok.  Filled with valuable nuggets of information, you’ll learn while be entertained.


If you’re interested in following Stock Curry’s many adventures in life, then be sure to follow him on Instagram.  In addition to the same short-form video content you’ll get on TikTok, you’ll also see photos of Stock Curry’s travels and adventures.


Talents of Wealth

Before you invest, make sure your personal finances are in order.  Talents of Wealth gives you a wider range of advice beyond stocks as Stock Curry shows you what he did to build wealth despite being homeless, broke, and $250,000 in debt.


Talents of Wealth

If you prefer to watch videos on a platform that doesn’t censor content creators, then Rumble is the place for you.  All of the YouTube videos are cross-posted on Rumble.  If YouTube ever shuts down the Talents of Wealth channel, Rumble will become the primary video site for all videos.

About Stock Curry

Scott Eric Curry, known professionally as Stock Curry, first learned how to trade during the late 90s while in college.  After college he went on to work for some of the largest and most prestigious investment banks on Wall Street including Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley.  While working on Wall Street, Stock Curry gained incredible insight into how large institutions profitably trade stocks and options.

In January 2021, Stock Curry started a YouTube channel to share daily stock picks and market updates.  Over time, his subscribers started requesting more training and coaching.  So in January 2022, Stock Curry launched We Profit Day and Night to provide the training and coaching you want and need.  Stock Curry has helped thousands of people learn how to successfully trade stocks and options, and now he’s ready to help you!

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