Black Friday Deals 2023


Here are the top Black Friday deals for stock market and crypto traders and investors!


Seeking Alpha

30% OFF

Seeking Alpha is offering 30% off + a 7 day free trial now through December 5th. Seeking Alpha is the best site for researching stocks. Fundamental analysis is broken down into easy to understand grades from A to F, making fundamental analysis easy for everyone! Read analyst reports, see analyst ratings, and check how well a stock is performing based upon value, growth, and dividends. Get trade ideas for both short term and long term trades, and get valuable insights into the markets.



$50 in Free Bitcoin

Ledger is the best crypto hardware wallet in the world. Ledger’s crypto hardware wallet keeps your crypto safe by keeping your keys offline and on you. Don’t lose your crypto to another exchange collapse. Keep your crypto offline and safe with a Ledger Wallet. Get $20 in free Bitcoin when you buy a Ledger Nano S Plus, get $30 in free Bitcoin when you buy a Ledger Nano X (that’s what I bought), and get $50 in free Bitcoin when you buy a Ledger Nano Duo bundle. Offer expires November 27th.


Stock Dads

50% OFF

Join the highest rated Discord and get trade alerts from millionaire traders. 20+ millionaire traders post their trades where you can copy their trades, make money, and learn from the best. Stock Dads also has daily live trading where you can watch day traders make money in real time. Stock Dads also offers swing trade ideas and long term investment ideas. And now you can get 50% off all plans for life! This offer expires on November 27th.

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