Made $3,198,000 in 4 Years Trading Options

Ace with Stock Dads started with $2,000, and turned that into $3,198,000 in just 4 years by trading options. Ace has been day trading and improving his options strategy for the past 12 years. If you want to learn how to trade options, Ace goes over options basics in the options trading tutorial. This is the stock options trading 101 explainer you need. Ace shows you how he generates options income from call options and put options. Ace used stock market options and a unique options trading strategy that has been far more successful than just doing stock trading alone. if you want options trading explained, and especially if you’re looking for an options trading example, listen to this tutorial. If you want to start trading options, but you feel like you need options explained to you first, this video is for you!

STOCK CURRY: Hi guys. We are here with somebody who turned $2,000 into $3 million over the past four years trading options. I want to introduce you to Ace. Yes, that’s his real name, Ace. And this guy turned $2,000 into $3 million over the past four years. Ace, how are you doing?

ACE: I’m doing phenomenal.

STOCK CURRY: I bet you are.

ACE: It’s a good life so far, so very fortunate.

STOCK CURRY: Yes. Ace, how did you go about turning $2,000 into $3 million in just four years? That’s incredible.

ACE: So the one thing I do want to preface before we do start this is I do have a lot of skin in the game. So 12 years of experience accumulative, but full time trading options for four years. And that’s where I really made the big bucks.

STOCK CURRY: So you spent 12 years total. So eight years of learning.

ACE: Correct.

STOCK CURRY: And then four years of making money.

ACE: Yeah. So essentially I did have a running start. So I did go to school for finance, graduated in financial services with a minor in financial planning. Basically took all that knowledge. There was someone else who was trading futures at that time. And I’m basically like, you know what, let me get the ground running here and let me just try this for myself. And during that same exact time, I was actually studying for my CFA. I was registered to do my masters. And then Covid happened and my money was just climbing through the roof. So I said, there’s no more point to this. Let’s just get the ball rolling and continue here.

STOCK CURRY: That’s amazing. I mean, obviously if you’re making that much money, there’s no need to keep working at a job.

ACE: I mean, that’s the thing, right? You don’t want to put all your efforts, especially when you have such a good thing going. So I decided to put all my marbles into this one basket, and it definitely paid off.

STOCK CURRY: Absolutely. And I quit my job about two years ago also, and it’s been the greatest thing ever. I got to tell you that financial freedom, that time freedom to be able to do whatever you want, whenever you want, to travel the world and and just stay in the nicest hotels and, you know, fly private, first class, whatever you want to do. It’s absolutely amazing. And it is the best part about being successful trading.

ACE: People always talk about, oh, freedom is the goal. Freedom is the goal. But what specifically is it? Right. So for me, it’s always been time freedom, right?


ACE: What people do when they’re in that rat race, that 9 to 5, is they’re trading time for money. I’ve always looked at it in reverse. How can I make sure that my money is giving me my time? How can I make sure I’m spending it with my loved ones, making sure that I have time for myself? Right. So I have that luxury to do whatever I want, whenever I want, but also still have the financial means to be able to carry out everything that I want to do comfortably.

STOCK CURRY: Absolutely. And a lot of people, when they try to set out on their own and they quit their job, they just end up getting another job. They’re just self-employed.

ACE: Exactly.

STOCK CURRY: But the nice thing about trading and making money is, especially if you’re doing longer term trades, you can just let it sit and you’re literally making money and you’re profiting day and night while you’re out on vacation.

ACE: That’s very true. So how do I go about doing that if I’m a day trader? This is where it gets a little interesting, okay.

STOCK CURRY: All right. Tell us about that.

ACE: So being a day trader, obviously you’re in the market constantly throughout every single session. The good thing about myself is, again, time and freedom. Right? Time freedom. I wanted to develop a strategy where I was able to hone in as soon as the market opened and have the rest of the day free for me. So that’s what my strategy primarily focuses on, is having that first open where that volume is just skyrocketing. Everyone’s excited, oh, the market is open, where do I put my money? And I just utilize that volatility to my own profits.

STOCK CURRY: Now how long is the opening for you? How much do you actually trade each day?

ACE: So typically each day I’m probably in and out before that lunch hour hits. So before 11 a.m. EST I’m probably out of the market. If not, then a play is still running, hopefully in profits at that point. But for the most part, by 11 to 12 the computer is shut off and I’m spending it with my loved ones, as I said.

STOCK CURRY: So it’s about 1.5 hours each day.

ACE: Yes, 1.5 hours every single day.

STOCK CURRY: So you are working an hour and a half a day, and making millions.

ACE: Correct. Right.

STOCK CURRY: So you’ve got the dream life, brother.

ACE: So again, I am utilizing the riskiest investment tools possible. I’m already trading options, which by itself a lot of people consider gambling. However, it’s all about having an edge, right? When you’re looking at a casino, you’re seeing a whole bunch of gamblers. How can you become the house and not the gambler? And that’s effectively what I tried to do here.

STOCK CURRY: Now tell us more about that, because a lot of people, when they’re looking at options, especially the zero day expiration options that you trade, a lot of people look at that and they think, oh, gambling. I mean, anybody can turn $2,000 into $3 million by gambling if they’re lucky enough. So why is it that what you do is not gambling?

ACE: So the reason why, is because you’re looking for a statistical edge. It’s all probability. At the end of the day, however, what I’m looking for is the greatest return to risk possible. So you’ve heard that term thrown around throughout finance a whole bunch of times, especially if you’re an investing, especially if you’re in day trading, especially. But you’re going to hear what is the return to risk? How much are you actually profiting in terms of how much you are risking when you’re trading zero day till expiry? What I’m looking for is that initial impulsive move to that buy side that I’m trading, and cutting those losers immediately. However, to the upside, because we have so much potential profit on the table, we’re utilizing that and running with it.

STOCK CURRY: Now, that is a lot of technical… whatever you just said. I think a lot of people, maybe it went over their heads. Some people may have gotten it, but I think there a lot of people that are just like, wow, what did he just say?

ACE: Right.

STOCK CURRY: Tell me this. When a lot of people think about, you talked about becoming the house, right? When a lot of people think about becoming the house with options, they’re thinking about selling options. Do you sell options, or do you have a different way of becoming the house?

ACE: So I’ve definitely sold options before. Again, per market, you’re going to have to adapt. That is the most predominant thing that you want to be doing with the market, right? We’re not always going to be in the same market cycle, right? It’s going to shift whether we’re in a recession, whether we’re at our peaks, whether we’re going into a trough, it’s going to change and we need to adapt, right. So there’s been moments, especially when I’ve started where I was selling and I was doing spreads. However, at this current time, when we are looking at a more choppier market, right, where everything is kind of in that instability and huge volatility, that’s where I’m just utilizing my zero days till expiration and running on those naked calls and puts.

STOCK CURRY: It makes a lot of sense actually. You know, I’ve talked about market cycles before with our viewers, and one thing about market cycles is you really do have to change your investing strategy, and not only that, but what stocks you’re investing in given each type of market cycle you’re in.

ACE: 1,000%.

STOCK CURRY: I’ve spoken to some other traders here at Fincon earlier today. Fincon, for you guys that don’t know, we’re out here in New Orleans having a wonderful time, and we are meeting some incredible traders out here who are just extremely successful. We’ll be bringing more of those people out to you later throughout this week. For now, I wanted to interview the most successful trader that I have ever met by far, and that’s Ace over here. Now, Ace, what we talked about was extremely complicated. I don’t think a lot of people really get it. And that’s okay. Because as you said, it took you eight years to learn this, it’s not something you’re going to get overnight.

ACE: Right.

STOCK CURRY: So for people that want to learn more, where can they find you? Like, is there a way to get in touch with you? Is there a way to maybe see your trades? Something like that.

ACE: 1,000%. So I do share my screen every single day, so everyone is able to see my trade ideas day in and day out. And the number one place to do that is Stock Dads. Stock Dads is the community where I am exclusive. You cannot find me anywhere else, along with a lot of other phenomenal and well known exclusive analysts. So it couldn’t be a better place. We hone in more on a family feel as opposed to just individual traders. However, there is a style for everyone. We have people who, again, we understand that people work a 9 to 5, and we have a person like Duke, for an example, who trades 30 minutes before the market closes and takes overnight swings. We have myself, who trades the open for an hour to two hours and a half. There’s always constantly someone live trading and so many live trade ideas for everyone to take. Not only that, but we do have mentorships, we have masterminds, and we have a lot of guidelines for people to take to actually grow and journalize.

STOCK CURRY: Yeah. So Stock Dads has a course for beginners, and then there’s live trading every single day. Five days a week there is live trading taking place. And Ace, you’re on there for the first hour and a half, two hours every day including the pre market, right?

ACE: Exactly. Yeah.

STOCK CURRY: And then there’s other traders like Duke who get on there and Fuzz, who continue live trading throughout the day.

ACE: Exactly.

STOCK CURRY: And then for those people who have a 9 to 5, that aren’t able to day trade, is there any benefit to Stock Dads for them?

ACE: Well, we have CPAs and CFAs in there as well. So in terms of that financial advice, or just getting some accounting work done, we do have some guidelines for them as well. And even if they don’t find a means, then we definitely have long term investing as well. So there’s always a space for every single person, whether if it’s a low income earner, a new trader, there is a space for everyone.

STOCK CURRY: And Stock Dads actually has a course, right?

ACE: That is correct.

STOCK CURRY: And then they have one on one mentorship.

ACE: Yeah.

STOCK CURRY: Which is incredible. I’ve never seen anybody offer one on one mentorship.

ACE: I have never seen another discord, or another community, who can do and replicate what we have here at Stock Dads.

STOCK CURRY: Yeah. I’ve never seen it before. And guys, this is actually the reason why my coaching program is now switching over to Stock Dads. Ace, just as you merged your program with Stock Dads a few weeks ago, I am actually merging my program with Stock Dads, and it’s because it’s just the best value for the same price that people are already paying for it before, or maybe just a little bit more. You not only get access to me, which you’ve always known and loved, you also get access to Ace as well as 20 other traders in there that are doing everything from day trading to swing trading, even long term investing. And later we’re actually going to interview somebody that does strictly long term investing, who’s also extremely successful like Ace. So stay tuned for that. If you guys want more information about Stock Dads, you can find that information at That’s where you can find myself, Ace, and everybody else in there. We do live trading, we have one on one mentorship, we have a course, we have everything you need to be successful. And Ace, obviously people would love to go from $2,000 to $3 million as well.

ACE: Yeah.

STOCK CURRY: Do you have a way for people to maybe copy your trades and see what you’re trading outside of having to watch that live stream?

ACE: This is my favorite part about the discord, because it’s something that I hold very true to myself. So I’ve traded by myself for the first two years of me being full time in this space. And let me tell you, it’s a lonely area to be in. There’s nothing like trading with your friends, trading with family, getting to know people, especially when they are like minded individuals like yourself who are just trying to grow and also scale a little bit of money, right? Or a lot of money in this case. And this is where I want to really give back. So I started a lot of small account challenges, actually, Scott, where we are able to take values of $500, $1,000, I’ve even done a larger account of $25,000 and we’ve grown those accounts ten fold a lot of the times.

STOCK CURRY: And you’re doing a small account challenge right now, right? Where are you trying to go from $1,000 to $10,000?

ACE: That is correct.

STOCK CURRY: How long has that challenge been going?

ACE: So this is actually funny enough. It is the longest challenge I’ve ever ran. And this just goes to show how risky my investment strategies are, because just within a short 18 trading days, we’ve taken the account up over 200%.

STOCK CURRY: Wait stop. So you’ve done 18 trading days so far. So that’s, like, almost four weeks.

ACE: Yep.

STOCK CURRY: So in about less less than a month, you’ve turned $1,000 into $3,000?

ACE: That is correct.

STOCK CURRY: Less than a month.

ACE: Over $3,000.

STOCK CURRY: Over $3,000. Wow. Over 200% profit in less than a month on 18 trading days. So yeah, it’s risky, but it’s successful.

ACE: Exactly.


ACE: There is an edge to the riskiness, and there’s a reason why people like myself are available. You know, there’s a space for everyone. Like I said, it’s a very versatile space. Whether someone, again, wants to do that long term trading, whether they are a lot more risk adverse and they want to hold back a little bit. There’s different people for everyone.

STOCK CURRY: Yeah. And I got to tell you, what you talked about earlier, about that loneliness. You know, when I quit my job to trade full time, it was very lonely just sitting in your house, looking at your computer screen all day, and not really talking to anybody. And honestly, that’s, I mean, yeah, making money is great. I love making money, don’t get me wrong. But we’re talking about financial freedom here, and it’s really about the time, and what you get to do with that money. And I got to tell you, the best part for me about Stock Dads is being able to connect with you and other very successful traders, and just talk about dad life. And, you know, we got moms in there too, and everybody in between. It’s a space for everyone. And we got people that aren’t even parents, and people that are retired, and everything. So it’s just really wonderful to have that community to other people who are successful, and just get in that successful mindset.

ACE: 1,000%. And it’s awesome.

STOCK CURRY: So Ace, thank you so much. Thank you so much for joining us and talking to us today. I can’t wait to see you throughout the rest of this conference for sure. Of course, we’ll be meeting with more of our fans here later this week, and I just want to invite you guys to come join us over at Stock Dads at stockyards at That’s Hit the like button. Hit the thumbs up. Make sure you subscribe. Click the bell icon. And we’ll see you soon.

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