NVDIA and AMD Crash After Hours – AI Chips Banned

Nvidia stock and AMD stock crashed after hours on Tuesday after the Biden administration announced a ban on AI chips. This latest AI news sent AI stocks, including NVDA stock and AMD stock crashing. With AI chips now banned, how will this latest NVDA stock news and AMD stock news affect the stock market going forward? What’s certain is that the NVDA stock price and AMD stock price will both fall on Wednesday, and Intel stock might take a hit as well. So is AMD stock a buy and is Nvidia stock a buy? The updated Nvidia stock analysis and AMD stock analysis today shows the new AMD stock prediction and NVDA stock prediction might be quite a bit lower than the previous AMD stock forecast and NVDA stock forecast. As AI chips get banned, this NVDA stock news and AMD stock news will put significant downward pressure on Nvidia stock and AMD stock.

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