Spot Bitcoin ETF Explained – It’s Not What You Think

Spot Bitcoin ETFs are not what you think they are. This video explains what a Spot Bitcoin ETF actually is, and how it differs from a Bitcoin Futures ETF. What is a Bitcoin ETF? A Bitcoin Spot ETF, or Bitcoin ETF, is an exchange traded fund that matches the actual price of Bitcoin. If you want a Spot Bitcoin ETF explained, it means the price of Bitcoin will rise as more and more people invest in Spot Bitcoin ETFs. Regarding a Bitcoin price prediction, the future price of Bitcoin is expected to increase. And as the Bitcoin price increases, this Bitcoin ETF news means that the Bitcoin 2024 price will continue to go up as more and more Bitcoin news is announced. And with a Bitcoin ETF approved, hopes are that other crypto ETF approvals, such as an Ethereum ETF will come soon. For now, to further have the Bitcoin ETF explained, 11 Spot Bitcoin ETFs have been approved, including the Blackrock Bitcoin ETF. The Blackrock ETF joins the ARK Invest Bitcoin ETF as well as many other Bitcoin ETFs. The Grayscale Bitcoin ETF will also be converting from a futures Bitcoin ETF into a spot Bitcoin ETF.

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