Stock Market to Fall 15%🔻 US Credit Rating Downgraded

Fitch just notified the United States of their plans to downgrade the US credit rating. If Fitch goes through with their plans, it could cause the stock market to drop by 15% or more next month, just like it did in 2011 – the last time the US credit rating was downgraded. This could forever be remembered as the year the United States lost their prized AAA us credit rating. Fitch made this decision over concerns of a us credit default brought on by issues over the debt ceiling limit talks. If the US credit rating 2023 is downgraded, this US news could cause the stock market to fall by 15% all the way down to 35% should the credit rating downgrade be combined with a US debt default. This is all happening because the US credit limit reached it’s maximum and the US will run out of money on June 1, 2023.

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