What I’m Buying Now | Stock Market Cycles Explained

Mastering the market cycle will help you become a more profitable trader. Stock market cycles circle between accumulation and distribution every few months or years. To understand this and profit from it, you need stock market cycles explained. In this video I explain the stock market cycle and tell you what I’m buying now. Crypto, including Bitcoin, is about to break out, which is why I’m looking to buy crypto and buy bitcoin soon. At the same time, the top AI stocks are starting to fall. C3 AI Earnings are being reported on Wednesday, and regardless of whether or not the C3.ai earnings expectations are met, the fact remains that C3ai stock is overbought. The C3.ai stock earnings won’t help the C3ai stock analysis much. And based upon the current market cycle for C3.ai, short C3.ai earnings coming in far better than expected, stock market analysis shows that the C3.ai future prediction is for the stock to top out soon and start falling. So c3ai earnings might be the perfect time to open a C3.ai short position.

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