When Will The Stock Market Recover? | Michael Burry Puts

As the 2023 stock market crash continues, people are starting to ask, “When will the stock market recover?” The latest stock market news shows the stock market bubble is coming to an end as investors become fearful over the Federal Reserve FOMC meeting minutes from July. While this might just be a stock market correction, if the stock market crash 2023 continues, we could re-enter a bear market, and that means we could bee looking at a market crash soon with the market crash coming as early as next month. So when will the stock market recover? History shows the stock market will bottom out in October, and the stock market will rally around the middle of October. But Michael Burry thinks the stock market crash will continue for longer than that. Michael Burry short position on the market increased to a massive $1.6 billion. Michael Burry puts total 20,000 puts on the S&P and 20,000 puts on the NASDAQ for a total of 40,000 put options on the stock market.

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