WORST CASE SCENARIO for The Stock Market and US Economy – Monday, July 11, 2022

What is the worst case scenario for the stock market? How much could the stock market drop in a major recession? How bad could things get in the US economy? I spent all weekend doing a deep dive into the US economy to determine how bad things could get during a major recession, and I came up with the worst case scenario, as well as under what circumstances that worst case scenario would play out. Then I took a look at reality and in this video I show the good parts of the US economy, and how it’s very unlikely that we’ll hit the worst case scenario. Finally, I go over the stock market news coming out this week, and talk about where I see the stock market going over the next three weeks, and what options trading I’m doing to take advantage of the upcoming news cycle, including Wednesday’s CPI Inflation report, earnings season starting, the July Fed Meeting, and the official GDP numbers on July 28 which will tell us whether or not we are officially in a recession.

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