My Plan To Make Millions In Crypto Post Halving

The Bitcoin halving just completed. Here’s my plan to make millions in crypto post halving. I’ll give you the best altcoins to buy now and the best crypto coins to buy now. I’ll give you my Bitcoin prediction, discuss the latest Bitcoin news, and analyze the Bitcoin miners. Bitcoin mining will be very different after the Bitcoin halving 2024. While my Bitcoin price prediction for 2024 does not include a Bitcoin crash, it’s important to understand that any Bitcoin price analysis must consider how the Bitcoin halving works, and must have the Bitcoin halving explained. Only then can one make an accurate Bitcoin prediction and BTC prediction.

So what are the best crypto altcoins to buy now? The top altcoins to buy now are listed in this video, along with the best crypto altcoins of 2024. The top altcoins 2024 might not be the best going forward though. That’s why determining the top crypto coins to buy now requires researching the latest cryptocurrency news and having cryptocurrency explained for beginners. Crypto investors looking for the top crypto to buy now much know how the latest crypto news affects the current crypto trend. The best altcoins 2024 so far might not be the best crypto altcoins going forward. Therefore, best crypto altcoins 2024 could be new cryptocurrencies, some of which were just listed a few weeks ago.

The Bitcoin halving just completed, and history has shown that this is the best time to buy cryptocurrency in order to make huge amounts of money in the future. I’m going to share with you my plan to make millions in crypto post-halving, and I’m going to show you the ten altcoins that I have been accumulating that have the potential to go up 1,000% over the next year or two.

So now that the Bitcoin halving is done, what happens next? The highly anticipated fourth iteration of the Bitcoin halving occurred a little after 8:09 p.m. Eastern on Friday. Bitcoin traded flat in the immediate aftermath of the halving, holding steady at around $63,000 to $64,000. After the halving, the rate of issuance of new bitcoin, as well as the rewards for successful bitcoin miners, are cut in half. So what happens next? Well, in the past, halvings have led to new all time highs for the Bitcoin price in the months following the halvings. This time has been a bit different though, as the price of Bitcoin has already reached a new all time high in the months prior to the halving.

It should be noted, however, that much of the recent rally was driven by the spot Bitcoin ETFs, perhaps an indication of the demand created by the market, which may have a greater impact on Bitcoin prices than having events in the future. The recent run up in the price in Bitcoin may have been a greater impact from the spot Bitcoin ETFs being approved, not so much the typical halving rally that we normally see. There’s still a very good chance that in the next 6 to 9 months, we could see the typical historical rally in Bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies, due to the halving events, which is a separate rally, or perhaps a rally on top of the rally that we already saw from the spot Bitcoin ETFs getting approved.

Now regardless of what happens to the price of cryptocurrencies, it’s important to understand that the halving has the greatest impact on the cryptocurrency miners. The near term effects of the halving might be limited to the bitcoin mining sector, where consolidation could occur, as well as the overall hash rate decline due to decreased profitability. That said, there are also indications that miners could have avenues for increased revenue, even if the halving does not lead to a boom in the price of Bitcoin. This increased revenue could come from increased aggregate fees from transactions spearheaded by recent developments. We’re going to talk more about the impact to the cryptocurrency miners and do a little bit deeper dive into them in just a minute.

First, I want to get back to the price of Bitcoin itself and show you what happens to Bitcoin’s price post halving. And then keep in mind that whatever Bitcoin does, the altcoins usually meet the price of Bitcoin, but they do so exponentially, meaning however much bitcoin goes up, the altcoins typically go up even more. And however much Bitcoin goes down, the altcoins typically go down even more. Based upon history, the Bitcoin halving could set up cryptocurrencies for long term gains.

During the Bitcoin halving in 2016, we saw Bitcoin rally pre-halving. We then saw the halving take effect, marked on this chart by the yellow dot. We then saw a little bit of a sell off post halving, before an eventual run up and rally in the months after the halving. The same exact thing happened during the halving in 2020. We saw a run up in the price of Bitcoin leading into the halving. Then, at the yellow dot marked here on the chart, we saw the price of Bitcoin go down a little, or mostly trade flat. And then months after the halving, we saw the price of Bitcoin start to rally. And so far this same thing has happened now. We saw a rally leading up to the halving. Over the past couple of weeks, Bitcoin has traded pretty much flat, maybe down a little bit. The dot here is pretty much where we are right now, the halving. And so if history repeats itself, Bitcoin will probably trade flat or a little bit down over the next 3 to 6 months, before starting a massive rally about 6 to 9 months from now.

Now it’s important to understand that past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. There are some technical indicators that show the price of Bitcoin might fall a little bit further than it has in the past Based upon the short term technicals, the MACD is about to form a death cross. And based upon the strong prior support level on Bitcoin, there’s a chance that Bitcoin could fall all the way down to $44,500 before bottoming out and starting to go back up again. But regardless of what happens in the short term, the long term trajectory is upward and bullish. But do be aware that in the short term, things are very uncertain. Bitcoin has been trading within a boxed range for the past couple of weeks. We know we’re going to get a breakout, we just don’t know if it’s going to be up or down in the short term.

So that’s how the price of Bitcoin has historically moved over past halving events. Now let’s do a little bit of predictive analysis to see how high Bitcoin might get by at the end of 2024. While the halving event itself should not affect the price of Bitcoin in the short term, many investors are expecting big gains in the months ahead based upon the cryptocurrency’s performance over previous halving events. After the 2012, 2016, and 2020 halvings, the price of Bitcoin ran up about 93X, 30X, and 8X, respectively, from its halving day price to its cycle top. Now, if we extrapolate that, the 93X to 30X was 32% of the previous halving rally. The 8X was 27% of the previous 30X rally. And if we continue the math here, this current rally should be about 22% of the 8X rally, which means the price of Bitcoin would go up 1.75X, or up about 75% higher from the current price. That would put the price of Bitcoin at $113,750 by the end of 2024.

When you consider the fact that the price of Bitcoin could nearly double in price over the next few months, and you consider the fact that the crypto miners have increased their hash rates with better technology and lowered their cost on electricity, all of this means that probably by the end of the year, the Bitcoin miners should be back to the same profitability that they were prior to the Bitcoin halving event. After all, if the rewards get cut in half, but the price of Bitcoin doubles, then the profit to the miners is the exact same. There’s no effect against them at all. So let’s talk a little bit deeper about the Bitcoin miners, which have had a very interesting 2023 and 2024.

All of the crypto miners were up substantially in 2023, with many rallying 500% or more. But in 2024 year to date, many of them are down significantly. In fact, the only crypto miner that’s seen a profit in the stock in 2024 was Cleanspark. The rest are down 30% to 40%. But it’s important to understand that the mining landscape has changed significantly over the past four years. From the last halving event, miners are expected to rely more on higher transaction fees and a potential increase in Bitcoin’s price in order to offset the expected decline in revenue due to the reduced mining subsidy, especially in the short time frame. And now that the Bitcoin halving is here, with it has come a giant surge in transaction fees. The median satoshis per byte fee has exploded post-halving to 1,805. Pre-halving on April 19th, the most recent satoshi fee was closer to 100. In layman’s terms, this means the transaction fees have surged, with medium priority transactions costing $146, and high priority transactions costing around a $170.

It’s not just the increased transaction fees that are going to provide a lot more revenue to the cryptocurrency miners. There are other things they’re doing as well. Bitcoin miners have upgraded their power centers, and they’re starting to get into AI in order to brace for slashed revenue post halving. Typically, when the halving cuts supply, it leads to huge rallies for Bitcoin. And that rapid price increase has helped many miners stave off the worst, since it tends to offset the impact of having the block size in half. Analysts said they expect the halving to have only a modest impact on miners estimated EBITDA margins, despite the 50% reduction in revenue, since the price of Bitcoin has been trading in the range of $60,000 to $70,000, and is expected to continue to rise.

Analysts from JP Morgan Chase said they think the recent weakness in cryptocurrency mining stocks offers an attractive entry point for investors, and that they are especially bullish on RIOT, which they believe offers an attractive relative valuation. Miners have had years to prepare for the halving, including seeking lower power costs and upgrading their fleets to more efficient machines. Riot Platform CEO, Jason Les, told CNBC that preparation for the halving came down to the company’s long standing focus on achieving a low cost of power, a strong balance sheet, and a significant scale of operations. Les says that’s what has positioned the firm to both withstand the halving with positive margins, and be well positioned for the upside on the other side of it.

Marathon digital, along with other mining firms, have also begun diversifying their business model into other operations beyond purely bitcoin mining. What is also different this time around is that the block reward is no longer the primary form of miner revenue. Recent programming innovations in Bitcoin have given way to a huge ecosystem of projects building on top of Bitcoin’s blockchain, which has translated to greater transaction fee revenue for miners. So miners are going to be just fine post-halving, and the recent sell off that we’ve seen in cryptocurrency mining stocks is potentially a huge buy the dip opportunity, and certainly one of the many ways that you can make a lot of money from cryptocurrencies should Bitcoin rally like it has in the past.

Now there are some things that could push the price of Bitcoin higher, even faster. We already saw what happened when spot Bitcoin ETFs got approved here in the United States. And now Hong Kong investment firm Victory Securities has revealed its Bitcoin and Ethereum ETF fees after Hong Kong just approved spot Bitcoin ETFs in that country. It should be noted that the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission, the SFC, has not yet published the list of approved ETF issuers. We’re still waiting to hear on that, but Hong Kong has become the latest country to approve spot Bitcoin ETFs and spot Ethereum ETFs. As more and more countries approve these, and as the spot Bitcoin and spot Ethereum ETFs come online and more and more exchanges, this is going to cause more and more buying pressure for Bitcoin and Ethereum, which in turn is going to push the price of both of these much, much higher.

Now there are some things that could actually push the price of Bitcoin down. There’s always risks in the market. One of those is the fact that China has issued a warning to crypto miners in Angola, telling them to stop mining cryptocurrencies, and making it illegal to do so. And the central Bank of Fiji has warned about penalties for purchasing cryptocurrency, since purchasing cryptocurrency with funds held in Fiji is illegal. And here in the US, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon has come into a little bit of disagreement with their analysts, saying Bitcoin is a fraud, and there’s no hope for BTC as a currency. JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon has doubled down recently on his anti-bitcoin stance, emphasizing that the crypto is a fraud with no future as a currency, and calling it a Ponzi scheme. This comes despite JP Morgan’s own analysts telling investors to buy the dip on cryptocurrency mining stocks. Now that’s everything that’s happening with Bitcoin and the crypto miners.

Let’s talk about the altcoins, because history has shown us time and time again that as the price of Bitcoin goes up, the altcoins generally go up much, much faster. So let’s talk about some altcoins, and I’m going to show you a few that I think have the potential to go up 1,000% over the next year or two. Over the past few days, Solana, Ethereum, and meme coin prices have blasted off, even as the price of Bitcoin has stayed steady. Dog themed coins are the biggest winners so far over the past weekend, with Solana based BONK charting a massive 37% jump in price over the past 24 hours alone. Other pup centric meme coins on the Ethereum chain are faring well this weekend too. Floki has jumped nearly 19% over the last day, and Shiba Inu is up 14%. Other hot meme coins at the moment include Ethereum’s PEPE, which is up 13%, and Solana based dogwifhat (WIF), which has climbed nearly 8%.

With the price of all of these meme coins rallying, a lot of retail investors are probably starting to jump in again, and perhaps getting a little bit of FOMO. The question about these meme coins for you, is whether or not to invest. If you do decide to invest, there are three things to consider. First of all, only invest what you are prepared to lose. Meme coins, which are renowned for their extreme volatility, present a high risk, high reward investment opportunity. But with any speculative asset, it is crucial to allocate funds that you can afford to lose entirely. You should also be vigilant of changes in sentiment and cautious of pump and dump schemes. Monitor online forums, social media platforms, and news sources for indications of changing sentiment in crypto. Once bullish sentiment disappears, the price of these meme coins tend to sell off rather swiftly. You should also research the history and origin of the meme coin. While some meme coins boast genuine communities and innovative concepts driving their popularity, others thrive solely on hype and internet frenzy.

Now that we got the warnings out of the way, let’s talk about the ten cryptocurrencies that I am buying right now, as well as two that have the potential to go up 1,000% or more over the next year to two years. That said, I want to stress these are cryptocurrencies that I am buying. This is not a recommendation to buy, sell, or hold any asset. Please go do your own research before investing in any crypto.

The first cryptocurrency that I am buying is Solana. It is the 5th most popular cryptocurrency in the world. It is up 597% over the past year, but is down pretty significantly over the past few weeks. Solana is still down 17% over the past month, and in my humble opinion, this is a great buy the dip opportunity. The second altcoin that I am buying is Dogecoin. It is the 8th most popular cryptocurrency in the world, and it is up 100% over the past year. Over the past month, it has held steady, only up 2%. It is also down quite a bit from its high a few weeks ago, and in my mind is a great buy the dip opportunity.

The third altcoin that I’m buying is Shiba Inu. It is the 11th most popular crypto in the world. It is up 156% so far this year. Shiba Inu has also sold off from its highs a few weeks ago, but is holding steady, down only 2% on the month. The next crypto that I’ve been buying is Cronos, CRO, which is previously the Coin. It is the 30th most popular crypto in the world, and the reason that I’m buying this one is because has seen a huge increase in popularity over the past few months, especially with the marketing efforts that they have done. And with more and more people using the platform, I do believe this crypto is going to continue to rise. CRO is down 6% on the month, and in my opinion is a good buy the dip opportunity.

The fifth cryptocurrency that I’ve been buying is a meme coin. It is dogwifhat, ticker WIF. It is the 40th most popular cryptocurrency in the world, and it is up a massive 1,637% on the year. And despite falling from highs of just a few weeks ago, it is still up 27% on the month. Dogwifhat remains in a bull trend, and I love this particular cryptocurrency as a meme coin that could go up significantly over the next couple of years. The next meme coin that I’ve been buying is Pepe, ticker PEPE. It is the 46th most popular cryptocurrency in the world, and it is up a massive 2,831% on the year. Pepe is down 25% on the month, and again is a good buy the dip opportunity in my mind.

The next meme coin that I’ve been buying is Floki, ticker FLOKI. This is the 60th most popular cryptocurrency in the world, and it is up 500% on the year. Like other meme coins, it has fallen over the past few weeks. It is down 20% on the month, and I have been buying the dip. The eighth cryptocurrency that I have been buying the dip on is Bonk, ticker BONK. This is the 68th most popular cryptocurrency in the world, and it is up a massive 2,795% on the year. Like other cryptos, it has fallen from highs, and is down 9% on the month, and I have been buying the dip.

The last two cryptocurrencies that I’ve been buying just hit the market about one month ago, and these are the two cryptocurrencies that I think have the potential to go up 1,000% or more over the next 1 to 2 years. The first of those is BOME, Book of Meme. This is up 1,070% since launch, and it has a very small market cap of only $588 million. It is the 128th most popular cryptocurrency in the world, and has a huge amount of room that it can rally. The last cryptocurrency that I’ve been buying has only been around for about three weeks now. It has a very small market cap of $477 million. It is the 220th most popular cryptocurrency in the world, and it is Degen, ticker DEGEN. It is only up 110% since it launched, and in my mind has a huge, huge potential to go up 1,000% or more over the next 1 to 2 years.

Now you’re probably asking where the heck I’m buying all of these cryptocurrencies, especially the altcoins, since a lot of the exchanges here in the United States do not list them. Well, I am buying my cryptocurrency on something called has over 350 altcoins that you can buy. It is by far the most number of altcoins available to U.S. investors. If you want to open an account on and buy just $50 worth of crypto, you will get $25 in free crypto so long as you sign up using my referral code. You can get that referral code at So sign up for, get that $25 in free crypto, and get access to all of those altcoins that I just listed.

So if these altcoins do rally, and they do rally 1,000% or more, when can we expect this to actually start occurring? Well, it’s all going to come down to FOMO. It’s all going to come down to psychology and investor sentiment. Generally, we do not see a major rally in the altcoins until we see a rally in Bitcoin. Now over the past weekend, we did see the altcoins rally, even though Bitcoin stayed the same price. So there’s a chance that when Bitcoin does start rising, we could see an even faster, more massive rally on the altcoins, especially the meme coins. Now as far as when that might actually occur, generally I would not expect investors to start really buying up Bitcoin, I would not expect another massive rally in Bitcoin, until Bitcoin’s already near the top. It’s just a fact of human psychology that most investors do not jump in until Bitcoin has already rallied and everybody is talking about it. And despite Bitcoin hitting a new all time high, we just haven’t quite seen that level of retail involvement like we saw in 2021, at least not yet.

So I do think we’re going to have to see Bitcoin rise much higher before we start getting that FOMO and that really fast, rapid rally. And I don’t see that happening until after Bitcoin gets above $100,000. Now as far as how fast Bitcoin gets to $100,000, historically this takes about 6 to 9 months post halving. So I think that there’s still going to be a great opportunity to buy the dip on all these altcoins for the next 3 to 6 months. After that, though, all bets are off because historically, that is when Bitcoin starts to rally. And by that point it’ll be too late. So I think as these altcoins continue to trade flat, and especially if they continue to go down, this is the time to be buying. It’s not the time to get scared or sell out, because this is the best opportunity to buy the dip on these coins before we get that massive rally later this year or early next year.

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